Welcome to the Alive and Well Vacation Club, where we are helping guests make a Lifestyle Investment with Lifetime Returns. We’re excited to open up a world of incredible vacations for our guests at more than 4500 exceptional locations around the world, starting at Alive and Well Resorts & Hotels in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Whether you are a small first time overseas investor looking for an island home away from home in a subtle resort setting, or offshore resort real estate is a significant part of your wealth (and health) protection and preservation strategy, a Lifestyle investment in both One On Marlin and Kokomo Botanical Resort with Butler Service will provide you and your family with Lifetime Returns year after year. Turnkey and hassle free as all property and resort management is provided by Alive and Well Resorts and derived from revenue earned from your Re~Treats when you are not using it for a little Re~Creation.

Best of all, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership, no foreign exchange controls, no intrusive forms of taxation in Turks and Caicos, including death and inheritance tax. Nor is there any realty or property taxes making this the perfect island get-a-way investment for generations to come.

One Bedroom Studio Loft Suites at One On Marlin priced from less than $200,000. Two Bedroom ‘Caribbean Cottages’ at Kokomo’s priced from the low $200’s. And for those that just want to vacation for life, exclusive Alive and Well Vacation Club memberships are also available from just $25,000.

All inquiries are treated as strictly Private and Confidential.

As an investor just like you, when I first told family and friends that I was going to invest in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands in 1993 they either said I was crazy or looked at me like deer in the headlights and asked me ‘Where are you going? Never heard of the place!” Half the people could not even pronounce the name of what really and truly is “Beautiful by Nature”. For me that was the whole point of doing it, especially in this digital day and age where there is and remains ‘a lot in a little’. It’s an island. In a sense that is the new luxury when it comes to being able to conveniently get off the grid any day of the week all year long. Some head for the hills. Why not head to Turks and Caicos? I am glad I did. Let me show you the Way. You will be glad you did.

Warm Island Regards,

J. Kelly Sullivan
Managing Director, Alive and Well Resorts

Alive and Well Ownership

Your Vacation Easier

The Turks and Caicos islands has one of the highest rates of returning visitors in the entire Caribbean. Come experience what it means to stay alive and well at one of our resorts and you will understand why our guest talk about coming back before they have even left.

Our resorts offer members easy access to the world-famous beaches of Turks and Caicos. Here the long, white-sand beaches and brilliant turquoise waters, along with year-round sunshine and light easterly trade winds, provide comfortable, relaxing vacations. Water sports, snorkeling, horseback riding and other activities also give travelers great active ways to explore this pristine location.

Home In The Turks & Caicos

For the fortunate few that love the islands and our resorts that know they want to come back again and again there are a couple of exclusive lifestyle investment options with lifetime pun intended. Why not join our club? If you think Turks and Caicos islands is your place in the sun and know you want to come back time and time again the first or next best thing to do is book you alive and well vacation at one of our resorts to get the feel for real.


Once you know you want to stay alive and well for life talk to us. We are all about making you feel at home away from home. We offer attractive dynamic investment options from the low $30's to the low $300's where you can actually convert vacation time into title starting right from the very first time you book a luxury island vacation experience done well at one of our two sister resorts.